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At Northern Air Environmental Technologies Inc. we are committed to quality design, installation, service and maintenance of all HVAC/R systems.


It is the goal of Northern Air to be the leader in every aspect of business and to achieve this we maintain the following standards:

  • Each journeyman-level technician is licensed with a provincial Certificate of Qualification

  • Each apprentice technician is provincially registered and undertaking the five-year journeyman-level training program

  • We hold all licenses required for gas fitters, propane fitters, brazing and refrigerant handling (ODP Certificate)

  • All staff holds a St. John Ambulance First Aid Certification

  • We have an extensive safety program that includes regular job-site safety inspections

Our world is always changing and technology is an integral part of that change. Our customers can count on us to provide resolutions to unusual problems and properly implement new technologies where appropriate.

Northern Air believes that if our customers want to be successful, they have to take advantage of those developments in every way that they can. In the design and service of their HVAC/R systems, they can only do that if they have access to advanced solutions. There is no halfway when it comes to being ahead of the competition.

The Equation is Simple:

The ability of our customers to meet their operational goals is affected by the quality of their HVAC/R systems and design. And that is where Northern Air can help you!

"What if my chiller fails at 2 a.m.? My operations will be jeopardized"

That is when our commitment to Emergency Services come into play.

  • Call 905-458-9988 or 1-800-805-9664 ... Day or night

  • After-hours, we use a cellular phone system and back-up pagers to ensure that you can always contact our Dispatcher and Service Technicians

  • After-hours, all calls are directed to a licensed refrigeration Technician, providing you with a knowledgeable contact person to discuss your dilemma and to determine the extent of the problem

  • All our Technicians are equipped with cellular phones and pagers

  • In many instances, we use portable computers to dial into your site to perform preliminary diagnostics using your building automation system

Short communication channels mean that you get very quick emergency service, regardless of the time of day!

  • To provide personal service, we ensure that at least two of our Technicians are familiar with your key people, your premises, your equipment, and specific procedures which may be unique to your site

Your downtime is minimized and your production is increased because we get to the problem faster and we can be more efficient!

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