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At Northern Air Environmental Technologies Inc. we are committed to quality design, installation, service and maintenance of all HVAC/R systems.


At Northern Air Environmental Technologies Inc. we are committed to quality design, installation, service and maintenance of all HVAC/R systems.

We specialize in 4 industry areas:
Computer Rooms
Environmentally Controlled Chambers & Labs
Chillers, and
Energy Management / Building Automation Controls

This specialization permits our managers and technicians to be experts in these areas. We maintain close contact with our customers to ensure that they receive individual attention.

Computer Room Installation
& Support Services

There are many complex parameters involved in every computer room design and installation.

Our many years of computer room design and installation have given our engineering departments extensive knowledge of these systems.

This knowledge is incorporated in our maintenance and support services to keep your environmental equipment running efficiently.

Environmentally Controlled
Chambers & Labs

We know it is important to control the temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness in your facility.

Northern Air aims for high standards in every environmentally controlled chamber and lab that we design, build and service. We take a well managed, comprehensive approach in all stages of our projects. We believe that this approach is the only way to ensure long term substantial benefits for you.

Liquid Chillers

Our field technicians have been highly trained to expertly service and economically maintain all reciprocating, centrifugal and screw chillers.

Energy Management
& Building Automation Services

Energy is a valuable resource and needs to be well managed. During working hours, energy must be used efficiently for maximum financial savings. During off hours, your energy system must be adaptable to lower energy consumption.

Northern Air can show you how today's technology in building automation and V.A.V. systems can reduce your energy demand, improve your indoor environment, and provide substantial savings.

Northern Air has developed products that help you to keep in touch with your HVAC/R Service:

  • Full reporting of testing results during maintenance

  • Computer analysis of large environmental systems that allow testing of functions too difficult or time consuming to be done manually

  • Computer reports of combustion analysis

  • Safety testing

  • Controls testing and reporting

Maintenance Service Agreement

Northern Air offers maintenance/service programs tailored to your particular environmental needs. A planned maintenance/service agreement will offer you the following advantages:

  • Protection of your financial investment

  • Equipment capacity will be maintained at its peak

  • Eliminates service headaches & prevents costly interruptions

  • Extends the life of your equipment

24 Hour Emergency Service

When your operations are hindered by HVAC/R emergencies, you need help that you can count on. You can be confident in Northern Air with our full fleet of technicians and 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service

We strive to provide seamless and non-intrusive maintenance and service for your HVAC/R system

With our advanced reporting procedures:

  • You know that your service is being done effectively

  • You can avoid major equipment problems

  • We can provide early problem identification which reduces your downtime and lost productivity


Our goal is to provide design-build and service which is worry free. We achieve these results because all of our work is well managed. Our technicians are highly trained and take pride in their work. This approach has long term operating and financial benefits for you by ensuring that your HVAC/R runs as smoothly as possible.

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